How to Put on a Dog Harness

Today we cover how to put on a dog harness:

A lot of people would just say call the dog over and fit it on the dog.

The problem we have then is the same as if you decide to purchase a new teeshirt.

Do you just go into the shop and grab the first shirt you see and say that would do or do you check the style of the neck it has and what color it is and then there is the size of the shirt and the material that it’s made of?

Some people will do the smell test and the feel of the material and that’s just the start of the decision-making process.

Now let’santhropomorphized animals, beach, bermuda-1295658.jpg reverse the positions and you are the dog with several different shades of grey in you vision range. But your nose can smell things 100 times better then a human and your hearing is 10 times more sensitive and here is this human forcing this never seen before item on you.

So how to put on a dog harness?

After many year of having dogs around the quickest way to introduce a harness to a dog is to make the item like something the dog is not allowed to have.

Yep the old idea this is not for you trick, you carry it around and you play with it and hang it up somewhere where the dog cannot reach it but in plain view.

And after some time the harness is put with the leads and collars so it gets your smell and the other collar and leads smell.

As the new harness starts to lose its factor smell and starts to take on the other dogs’ items smell you are more than halfway there.

You will notice when shopping for a new lead, especially in shops the harnesses are hanging on the wall being aired out. So now the harness has taken its place in the dog’s life you just one day have it laying on the floor and watch how the dog reacts with the harness.

jack russell, dog, pet-2029214.jpg

If he starts playing with it you call him over to you and start playing with both of them by laying the lead on the dog or another trick I used was having the harness and the leach together clipping them together on your hand or knee where the dog can see.

Then you slip the harness on the dog while you talk to him and praise him with pats and soft vocal praises.

And when it is time to go out the first thing is the harness followed by the lead and before you know it the dog will bring you the harness to go for walks.

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